What is COG?

COG is a modern, general purpose, high fidelity, multi-particle, Monte Carlo transport code developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Currently, capabilities in COG include coupled transport for the following particle types:

  • neutrons
  • delayed fission neutrons
  • photo-neutrons
  • NRF photonuclear gammas
  • gammas
  • delayed gammas from fission product decay
  • delayed gammas from alpha decay
  • x-rays
  • electrons
  • protons (1H)
  • deuterons (2H)
  • alpha particles (4He)

COG11.1 is Export Control Information (ECI) available to users from the Radiation Shielding Information Computer Center (RSICC) and available to international members from the OECD NEA Databank. COG11.1 and advanced development prototypes may be obtained directly from LLNL under single user or multi-user license agreements by special request.

For additional information on COG, please peruse our Publications or contact the development team at cog [at] llnl.gov.